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New York State Hazy IPA

5.8% ABV 35 IBUs

Celebrating NYS Hops! New York State was once the leading hop growing state in the nation. Thanks to the boon of craft breweries in New York, many hop farms have sprouted up throughout the state to satisfy the demand for quality hops. This offering features very fresh, local hops and showcases the quality our New York State farms offer. Brewed with love along with NYS Craft Excelsior Pilsner, Pale and Chit Malts; Flaked Barley; Flaked Oats; Kettle Hopped with New York Hop Guild Amarillo and El Dorado Hop Sauce; Dry Hopped with NYS Centennial, Chinook and Rakau Hops.

Curbside/ Takeout:
$14 / 4-pack (cans

Honey Smuggler Lager

6.2% ABV 25 IBUs

Folkrock, Jamgrass and Acoustic Americana! The Honey Smugglers are a local Rochester band who have torn up our stage on many occasions. We honor them with this release. This traditional Festival-Style Lager is a malty sweet, slightly hoppy yet totally smooth lager. Like a tasty Smugglers’ jam, this will sooth the soul. Smooth Goodness with a touch of Honey! Brewed with love along with German Pilsner and Munich Malts; Hallertau Mittelfruh Hops; Alfalfa Honey.

Curbside / Takeout:
$12.50 / 6-pack (cans)

Freak Cafe

7% ABV 30 IBUs

To make the Freak Cafe, we start with a traditional English Brown Ale and its characteristic caramel and cocoa tones. Then we double the strength to make it Imperial and add lots of oats for a silky-smooth mouthfeel. And just prior to packaging, a special blend of Fuego Cold-Brewed Coffee is added to make this ale a perfectly freaky and tasty libation. Enjoy you Freaks! Malt: Pale, Aromatic, Crystal and Pale Chocolate. Flaked Oats; Chinook Hops; Fuego Cold Brewed Coffee

Curbside / Takeout:
$11 / 4-pack (cans)

Dry Hopped German Pils

5.2% ABV 32 IBUs

Pilsner originated in the late 1800’s in an area called Bohemia at the time (now part of the Czech Republic). People loved the light, crisp and hoppy lager and brewers in Germany and throughout the rest of the world began copying it. Unfortunately, quality Lager fell out of favor in the late 20th Century in favor of lighter, sweeter and cheaper offerings. This Dry-Hopped German Pils celebrates craft beer’s reclamation of a once dominate style. Cheers! Brewed with love along with Best Pilsen Malts; Hallertau Tradition and Perle, Hops.

Curbside / Takeout:
$11.00 / 4-pack (cans)

Wendigo Winter Ale

7% ABV 40 IBUs

Ahh, the cold air of winter is near.  It is time to search for a hearty beer.  One that has a sweet and spicy flavor.  Makes this moment one to savor.  The fire is raging, football on the telly, time to get this beer in your belly.  Brewed with love along with Pale, Dark Crystal, Amber and Aromatic malts; UK Golding Hops; Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice and Orange Peel.

Mexican Dark Lager

5.4% ABV 25 IBUs

Lightly Toasty and Crushable! Vienna Lagers have been brewed in Mexico since the mid-19th Century, when an Austrian Nobleman named Maximillian I ruled the country.  He brought with him the finest European Lager being brewed at the time, which at the time was amber colored and lightly hoppy.  Adding in some regional ingredients like corn, has created a delicious style still in favor a few centuries later.  Please enjoy the drum-roasted caramel and lightly toasted malts in this fine tasting cerveza. Brewed with love along with Pale, Vienna and Caramel Malts; Flaked Corn; Midnight Wheat; Herkules and Halertau Tradition Hops.

Curbside / Takeout:
$11 / 4-pack (cans)

Prickly Pear Sour

5% ABV 8 IBUs

Massive additions of real Prickly Pear was added to this delightfully tart, sour ale.  Send your brain on a magical journey as you enjoy the wallop of sweet and bright fruit flavors in this tasty libation! Brewed with love along with Pale, Wheat, Chit and Acidulated Malts; Flaked Oats; Huell Melon Hops; Real Prickly Pear.

Big Head Stout

6.5% ABV 48 IBUs

Back again and bigger and badder than ever!  The Big Head Stout is roasty, thick, creamy and smooth. Brewed in the Foreign Export Style with just the right amount of hops to balance it out.  Big Head is deep black in color with layers of roasted malt flavor along with notes of caramel and vanilla mingling with waves of hoppy goodness.  Chewy and delicious!  Brewed with love along with Pale, Blonde Roaster Oats, CaraPils, Chocolate and Crystal Malts; Roasted Barley; Columbus and Goldings Hops.

Curbside / Takeout:
$11 / 4-pack (cans)

Juke Move Hazy Double IPA

8% ABV 41 IBUs

To honor our Monster of the Midway, Dave Coniglio, we decided to fight for extra yardage. So, we game-planned a special new IPA, with juicy and fruity hops, a soft malt base and our own trick play – a special new yeast strain. Carry that rock Dave!  Brewed with love along with Pale, Chit and Caramel Malts; Flaked and Blonde Roasted Oats; Galaxy, El Dorado and Citra Hops. 

$14 4-pack (cans)

Giant Panda Dub Style IPA

8.7 % ABV 85 IBUs

In honor of our friends in the Rochester reggae band, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad we offer this ital nectar with juicy hops and more low end. We hope you enjoy many BRIGHT DAYS! Hops: Citra Cryo, El Dorado, Amarillo & Eureka! Malt: Pale, CaraFoam, CaraMalt & Munich 1.

Takeout / Curbside:
$14 / 4-pack (cans)

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