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Loopy Oatmeal Red

7% ABV 62 IBUs

Loopy Oatmeal Red Ale (7% ABV/62 IBUs): This one’s for the big guy! The Minister of Mayhem (aka Geoff Dale) turns 50 this week and we had to celebrate with a small batch of his favorite style of beer! This 3HB classic hoppy red ale has tantalizing aromas along with diverse and succulent flavors of citrus and spice. 3HB dedicates the Loopy to our favorite bearded hype man, Geoff! Enjoy the waves of tropical fruit intertwined delightfully with a creamy, velvety malt blend. Come get Loopy with us! Brewed with love along with Flaked Barley and Oats; Pale, CaraRed and Crystal Malts; Chinook, Citra, Cascade and Ahtanum hops.

Curbside/ Takeout:
$8.00 / 6-pack (cans)

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