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Kaffiend Mocha Imperial Stout

10% ABV 35 IBUs

Sometimes…like every day, the K-Man needs pick-me-up.  Fortunately, one of the best coffee shops on Planet Earth is located just a skate away…Melo Coffee and Kitchen.  Featuring locally roasted Fuego Coffee, they serve up a Mocha Latte so tasty, Kessam convinced us to brew a beer with it.  Over 50 gallons of Melo Mocha, which the K-Man describes as “Chocolatey Chocolate” were added to this rich and creamy Imperial Stout.  Hey Kessam, “Keep Your Visions to Yourself.” Brewed with love along with Pale, Crystal, Munich and Chocolate Malts; Roasted Barley; Flaked Barley; Zeus, Nugget and Sterling Hops; Melo Mocha; Fuego Coffee. 

Takeout/ Curbside:
$14 / 4 pack (cans)

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